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Here's what my clients have to say:

 Thank  you again for your amazing penmanship. The invitations were perfect and  are already in the mail. I posted a review on yelp. You are definitely  in the 5-Star Category. -- Best, Lisa T.

Lisa did the envelopes for our wedding invitations. Her prices are  reasonable and she has many styles to choose from.  The turn around time  was also very quick and there were no errors. We loves the final did our guests ! -- Tiffany  

Lisa, The cards are incredible!  I am so pleased. They turned out even  better than I expected.  I can't thank you enough for doing this last  minute for us. -- Trudy

I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful work you did for me. I just wrote you a yelp ! -- Jessica

Rick and I are thrilled with how the save-the-date cards came out and  look forward to working with you for the invitations.  Thank you, they  look wonderful and I will certainly post a great yelp review for you. --  Amber

We used Lisa for the place cards and table numbers.  They were the best  I've ever seen. We wanted it to look Whimsical....she delivered and then  some. She's also so nice and easy to work with....very professional.  Reasonable priced too.

Thanks again Lisa. I won't hesitate to recommend you for anyone who is interested in calligraphy. -- Linda

Thanks  again for your fabulous calligraphy on our daughter's wedding  invitation envelopes. We're expecting 150 place card names for the  reception with your beautiful writing. -- Pam

The  place cards are absolutely stunning !!  I am super excited for the  photo shoot that includes your calligraphy. Thanks again for lending  your talent !
Best, Kimberly

Thank  you Lisa for doing a great job. They are all in the mail. I appreciate  you working so quick, they really look beautiful ! -- Shellie

I  just framed the calligraphy. They look beautiful. Thank you for taking  your time to do them so nicely. I also appreciate them being done so  quickly ! You're simply the best. -- Cathy

I  have received SO MANY compliments on the "amazing and beautiful  calligraphy". They are absolutely gorgeous, you are so talented.
Thank you. ~ Perry

Thank you so much for  your work on our wedding invitations. They came out beautifully - even  people at the post office remarked on how lovely the addressing looked. Thanks ~ Candace   
Hi Lisa!  Now  that we're back from our honeymoon, just wanted to write you a note to  let you know what a great job you did on the calligraphy for our  invitations and place cards. It added such a classy touch to our  wedding. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks. The  day itself was magical - the happiest day of our lives. ~ Christine

Hello Lisa,
I have found you to be very highly recommended on several wedding  websites. I would like to inquire about your pricing to address 50-75  inner and outer envelopes for our wedding invitations.  I look forward  to your response.       Best regards,  ~ Mimi 

Thank  you so very much for the place cards. They look FABULOUS!!  I  appreciate everything you've done for our wedding. I will recommend you  to anyone I hear needs a calligrapher :)  Best of luck to you. Thanks a bunch!!  ~ Melissa

Lisa, The invites look amazing!! Thank you so so much. If I come across
someone needing calligraphy I will definitely send them your way.
Thank you again, ~ Diane

All of my guests loved your calligraphy :) !! ~ Johanna

Dear Lisa, I just wanted say the invitations look wonderful. You did an amazing job. Thanks for making the pickup so easy. I will contact you soon with additional names.  Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Sue

My client was very pleased with your  work and would like to move forward with booking your calligraphy  services!  Your work is beautiful and I am very excited to work with  you!  Best Regards, ~ Whitney Nelson, Too a T Events

Thanks  again for your help Lisa. Everyone loved the place cards and  calligraphy. I also have given your information to our wedding  coordinator for future referrals.       Take care,  ~ Gregory & Sandy   
I have had so many compliments about the invitations and your  calligraphy! Your calligraphy definitely added more elegance to our  invitations! Thank you. ~ Iman

Lisa, You have done an outstanding job. They are beautiful.
Thank you. ~ Joyce

You do lovely work and I will definitely keep you in mind next time I need any calligraphy done!  Kind Regards,  ~  Jenny

Thanks  again for such an outstanding job....I am already passing your name  along....Oh, one of my fellow resident's got the invitation yesterday  and absolutely loved it --- thank you!  ~ Shannon

Hi Lisa-
A testimonial you can use for potential clients...... :)
The invitations were awesome!!!! You did a beautiful job and I can't wait to get them in the mail. Thank you so much. ~ Nancy

I have a coworker that would like to use your services too.  She was  also blown away by your work and especially your prices.  They really  are amazing !  ~ Glenna

I appreciate the work you did for me. You were very pleasant to work with and I will be happy to refer you. Thanks, ~  Barbara

The envelopes looks so great! I love them!! Thanks again, ~ Rebecca

Lisa,  Just  wanted to let you know that Graham's and Mary Alice's wedding was "over  the top".  My nerves eventually settled down thanks to people like you  who executed their tasks so expert. Your calligraphy was so beautiful -  you responded to all of the changes to the list. Everything was perfect,  and I thank you for all your help -- You're the Best, ~  Catharine
Great job on the invitations!  Many guests have remarked on your work.
Thanks so much.  ~  Danelle

Thank you again for the beautiful calligraphy on our save the date  envelopes! They looked amazing!  Would you mind sending me your mailing  address?  I have a little thank you card I'd like to get you in the mail  to you :-)  Thanks again.  ~ Jenny

 Lisa, We picked up the invites from you and are ecstatic.  They turned out Beautiful. J  ~ Glenna

I first wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the envelopes.
They look so beautiful!  Thanks again for everything. ~ Hope

The place cards look beautiful!  Thank you for giving our wedding an elegant
touch with your calligraphy.  Best wishes, ~ Nancy

Hi Lisa,
I've read great reviews of your work on  and wanted to contact you for more details. My wedding is in March and  I'm interested in receiving more information about your work. Thanks in  advance,  ~ Jessica
Lisa, Thank  you so much for helping us and getting the invites before you headed  out on vacation. They look amazing! Better than we could have imagined! I  am so glad you convinced me to not let the printers finish those for  us. It does add that extra touch to the invitations. On your website,  but if you ever need a letter of recommendation, I would love to share  my experience with other potential customers.   Hope you had a great time!  ~ Christie 

Thank you for the beautiful calligraphy on our 'save the dates' and wedding invitations. Thanks, ~ Tanya & Charles